Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Darlington has been a safe labour seat for a while now. But Alan Milburn has still jumped ship. It may be becasue he knew a long time ago that Labour wouldn't win and so didn't want to be in opposition, or as is more likely Labour could actually lose this seat. The CONS gained more votes than any other party in the euro elections, the BNP also gained the highest percentage in this area. So this could be a very interesting result come the election don't be surprsed if this is a Labour loss.

Liberal Democrat Mike Barker
UKIP Charlotte Bull
Labour Jenny Chapman
BNP John Hoodless
Conservative Edward Legard

John Hoodless did stand as a UKIP candidate in the last election, but saw the light and has joined the BNP.

General Election 2005:

Labour Alan Milburn 20,643 52.4 -3.9
Conservative Anthony Frieze 10,239 26.0 -4.3
Liberal Democrat Robert Adamson 7,269 18.5 +7.6
UKIP John Hoodless 730 1.9 N/A
Veritas David Davies 507 1.3 N/A
Majority 10,404 26.4
Turnout 39,388 60.3 -1.7
Labour hold Swing +0.2

This is the first time that the BNP have stood a candidate for this seat, but looking at the euro result for this area, they have a good solid base to build upon.

British National Party 1,779 British National Party - Protecting British Jobs
Christian Party ''Proclaiming Christ's Lordship'' 264 The Christian Party - CPA
Conservative Party 6,675
English Democrats Party 534 English Democrats – “Putting England First!”
Jury Team 97 Democracy, Accountability, Transparency
Liberal Democrats 3,480
No2EU:Yes to Democracy 270
Pro Democracy: 108
Socialist Labour Party 357
The Green Party 1,446
The Labour Party 4,739
United Kingdom Independence Party 3,783

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  1. Who is standing as the Darlington candidate in the forthcoming general election